• Container Lifting Lug

    The Container Lifting Lugs lock into the Corner Castings of Shipping Containers. The Container Hooks come in the following 2 types; 45 Degree Lifting 90 Degree Lifting The 45 degree Lifting Lugs, come in Lefts and Rights, and to lift a container you will...

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  • Double Stacking Twistlock

    Double Stacking Twistlock

    Marine Stacking Twistlocks Used for stacking shipping containers on ships, at work or at home. Made with a forged shaft and a ductile iron housing. Hot Dip Galvanised Can supply Certificates if required 25Ton SWL

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  • Standard Twist lock

    Shipping Container Twist Locks Tie Downs Direct Supplies Short and Long Handle Twist Locks. Twistlocks inhibit the Shipping Container from moving on your truck and are the best way to secure it. Tie Downs Direct Twistlocks can come with the weldable...

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  • Twist lock Dove tail

    Dovetail twistlocks are used at the bottom corners of containers, either to handle longitudinal forces due to torsional deformation of the ship’s hull, or when the twistlocks need to be easily removed to create a flat stowage surface. These twistlocks...

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