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Personalised Tie Downs

31-vek50grl.-sl500-aa300-.jpgWould you like to see your Comany Name or Logo on your Straps?

Tie Downs Direct can organise the Manufacture of your Very Own Branded Tie Downs.

Your Comapany Logo or Name can be printed onto your Straps, allowing you to boost your Business Image and Stand Out from your Competitors!

Would you Prefer a Different Colour? Something Similar to your Business Image?

All of Tie Downs can be manufactured to any Colour, think Toll and you think Green or Yellow, think TNT and you think Orange, think NQX and you think Blue.

Why not have a Strap that suits you Business Image too?

Are you Tired of People Pinching your Standard Blue Straps, and want something that Stands Out and is Safe from the Dishonest Minority Amongst Us?

People Stealing your Standard Blue Straps is a way of life in the transport industry, as sad as it is, it happens all over Australia Every Single Day.

Having a Tie Down Strap that is Different from the Standard Blue Colour will help to deter, the would be thief. They will be scared to use it, because you might recognise it.

Want Details on Personalised Tie Downs?

If you would like details on how to get your Staps Personalised. Send us quick email through our Contact Page and we will get back to you with Pricing and Availability, by the end of the next business day.

If you want to know a bit more, give us a call on 1300 877 277, we will help you to understand exactly what you can get and how to go about getting it.


Personalise your Tie Downs Today!!

*Minimum Order Quantities Required